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The Schvitz Detroit - The past is back and behold the future.

The Schvitz 2017a - An introduction by Nancy Derringer.

The Schvitz 2017b - Curbed Detroit takes a peek inside.

The Schvitz 2017c - Justin Wedes in the Detroit Jewish News.

City Spa - Los Angeles' Pico-Burnside Baths.

Russian & Turkish Baths - New York City's Tenth Street Baths.

The Miami affiliate - When you find yourself on Collins Ave.

Division Street - Superb article about Chicago's Division Street Russian Baths!

Red Square Spa - Whatever became of Chicago's Division Street Baths?

Sweatlodge - In Chicago, there's always the Sweatlodge. Recommended!

Dillons - In Boston, Dillons Russian Steam Bath.

Blue Hill Baths - ...And an hour south in Norwood.

Cleveland - Going to the Cleveland Shvitz by Irving Seidman.

Turkish Baths - Malcom Shifrin examines the Victorian Turkish baths.

New Jersey Memories - Shvitzing in Newark's Third Ward. - Ruslan Sudentas explains the Russian in New York's Russian baths.

The Dreadful Russian Bath - Mark Twain's correspondence with the San Francisco Alta California from April 5, 1867!

All About Oak - Common oak trees of North America.

Chosen Couture - Après shvitz wear.

Hour Detroit Magazine - Our favorite read--should be yours, too.

EasyReader Tourguide - More essays and philosophy from Gary Sosnick.

The Hope Orchestra - Words and music from Gary Sosnick, et al.

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