By Gary Sosnick 1995

With a wave of her hand, she's eastern.
On the cape in the sand, she's eastern.
Blood lines that demand, she's eastern.

With a swish of her hip, she's eastern.
At the dance with a drip, she's eastern.
If you're inclined, she's equiped, she's eastern.

Montauk, Rock Point, West Egg, East Hampton.
Down in the Caribbean with you.

With a bend of her knee, she's eastern.
Floatin' 'round in the keys, she's eastern.
Dealt that Ivy degree, she's eastern.

Well, it was college and I was working on this song, sitting on my bed at my parents' house. My dear mother, may she rest in peace, carrying folded laundry in both arms, peeked into my bedroom and said, "That's a snappy tune. It's got a nice beat. I like it!" She was the first to like it. Two and a half minutes of pure snappiness. Those are the kind of things you remember when you play a tune you wrote many years ago.

Notes about Video: Filmed at The Magic Bag in Ferndale, Michigan. We often started "She's Eastern" with a Dave Lyon drum solo, followed by a Pete Peltier bass solo, followed by the song. That's Dave's "HOPE-ORCH" double bass drum setup, and Pete's 6-string fretless bass. The stage is awash in famous Hope Orchestra t-shirts (seen all over the world). Pete was unequalled as a bass guitarist, as most frustrated guitar players are. Eventually, Pete did move on to the 6-string electric guitar, where he has excelled in volume as well as technique.

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